International festival of Language & CultureIFLC is one of the largest and most prominent organizations for promoting world languages and cultures. It is dedicated to cultivate and educate the youth and to create a platform to share their cultural heritage with their peers around the world.

The International Festival of Language and Culture is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. The International Festival of Language and Culture first started in 2003 and proceeded with only 17 countries participating. Over the years, it has grown in both size and scope.

The festival promotes research and information exchanges to encourage peace, friendship and understanding. Its artists try to engage with the festival’s visitors and the local community by initiating and participating in social, cultural and educational activities. As such, strong ties and lasting friendships are built.

IFL’s mission is as follows: ‘It is our mission to rise on the wings of art and music and promote peace, love, and cultural encounters throughout the world.’ IFLC is effectively connecting different nations of the world by appealing to universal human values.

fedactio - federation of active associations of belgiumThe Federation of Active Organisations (Fedactio) is a nonprofit umbrella organisation, founded in 2010 by socially engaged Turkish Belgians in order to act on certain challenges within society through the organisation of a variety of projects related to education, dialogue, social cohesion and active citizenship. With Beltud as one of its founding partners, Fedactio provides logistical support for the realisation of ‘Colors of the World’, the final act of the IFLC in Belgium.