Vereniging voor Belgisch-Turkse Vriendschap | Association d'amitié belgo-turque

Beltud has hosted the IFLC for four consecutive years in the form of the festival ‘Colors of the World’. The festival aligns perfectly with Beltud’s aim to promote intercultural dialogue and friendly relations between various communities in Belgium.  Intercultural dialogue is a central to Beltud’s activities, which all focus on fostering peaceful coexistence and fostering social cohesion. Beltud’s events introduce Turkish culture to the Belgian public, and equally encourage the celebration of Belgian cultural heritage. Examples of such events include “The Colors of Belgium” (predecessor of ‘Colors of the World’) and the festival “Brussels Culture Days”. Beltud is a founding member of the Federation of Active Associations of Belgium (Fedactio), which acts as a partner for this particular event.

Since 2010 Beltud has organised ‘Colors of Belgium’, a contest promoting multilingualism, the art of living together, diversity, pluralism and mutual respect as well as the discovery of artistic skills. In 2015 decided to collaborate with the International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) and ‘Colors of Belgium’ was transformed into the festival ‘Colors of the World’, adding an international dimension. At present, the festival ‘Colors of the World’ is the final phase of the IFLC-tour, which attracts art- and peace lovers all over the World. The tour, which is under the patronage of UNESCO, concludes in Belgium, with an an artistic show filled with music, world dance and poetry. Moreover, the show is brought to you by children from 5 continents and at least 17 countries.

The International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) has come a long way since its first gathering in 2003 in Turkey. In 2013, the festival made its first international breakthrough by organizing premieres in Ethiopia, Romania and Germany and is now a global organization that connects language and culture with art. Previous editions in Belgium were organised in Forest National in Brussels, a metropole reflecting the diversity of the festival itself. In 2018, it was decided to move the final act of the IFLC to Antwerp, a city which boasts an equally impressive intercultural interaction and multiculturalism. Both the city and the festival aim to promote the art of living together as well as respect for cultural differences that comply with our European values.

With art as the universal language, the festival expresses the wish to develop mutual understanding between different groups. Despite their culturally diverse background and different mother tongues, they are able to communicate through the universal language of art. Moreover, art is the ideal medium to fight prejudices, eliminate the fear of the other and end hostilities. Art is also a means to shorten distances, to bring individuals closer.